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Frequently Asked Questions

What is chiropractic?2019-07-04T16:40:28+10:00

Chiropractic is a health therapy that concerns itself with the relationship between the nervous system and the function of the body. The nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body.

Chiropractors focus on the 24 moving vertebrae of the spine, making sure they are working and moving well. When the spinal vertebrae are stuck or misaligned they can irritate the nervous system resulting in pain, stiffness, soreness, tiredness, dysfunction including common symptoms that we have all experienced such as low back pain, headaches, sciatica and many other health problems.

Chiropractic is different to many other health therapies as it focusses on correcting the cause of your health problems, without the use of drugs or surgery.

Each Chiropractic adjustment is designed to restore normal spinal function to allow the spinal nerves to work in a healthy and efficient manner thus assisting the body to heal and to restore balance – naturally.

How are chiropractors trained?2019-07-12T05:08:38+10:00

Chiropractors are University trained, undergoing a 5-year double degree in Chiropractic. This university training includes hands on clinical training during the fourth and fifth year of the course, in a clinic setting run by RMIT and experienced Chiropractic Clinicians.

This training ensures that your Chiropractor will take a thorough Medical History and will use Orthopaedic and Neurological Assessments to diagnose your problem.

How do chiropractors adjust the spine?2019-08-07T02:02:49+10:00

There are many ways to adjust the spine. Usually, the Chiropractors hands apply a gentle pressure (thrust) specifically designed to correct the misaligned joint. Sometimes the Chiropractor uses an Activator (a specially designed instrument that delivers a brief and highly-accurate pressure)

A chiropractic adjustment uses a gentle force in a specific direction, applied to a joint that is “locked up” (misaligned) or not moving properly. This allows for normal motion to the joint and importantly release the pressure placed on the spinal nerves, so that normal function can be restored.

After five years of university training and clinical experience, each chiropractor becomes highly skilled in the delivery of a variety of adjusting methods, all tailored to suit your needs. The purpose of this safe and natural adjusting procedure is to allow for improved spinal function, improved nervous system function and improved health and vitality.

Do I need a medical referral to see a chiropractor?2019-08-07T01:56:52+10:00

No. You do not need a medical doctor referral to see your Chiropractor. Chiropractors are primary health care practitioners therefore a referral is not necessary.

However, more and more GP’s are referring patients to Chiropractors via the EPC (Enhanced Primary Care Program). This will normally allow a patient with a chronic or longstanding problems to visit a chiropractor for up to five visits. These five visits can be claimed back on Medicare.

What happens during my first visit?2019-08-07T02:00:35+10:00

On your first visit, we will sit down with you and discuss your immediate health concerns (usually the main reason you have contacted us for chiropractic care) as well as any past or long term health issues you may have experienced in your lifetime. This helps to paint a picture of your overall health. Following this we will run through a postural assessment and a series of Orthopaedic (universally used medical tests for assessing function) and Neurological Tests (which test how well your nerves are working by testing your muscle strength and reflexes). All of these tests are comfortable and pain free. This information helps us identify the cause of your problem.

Depending on the results of these tests we may need to refer you for spinal x-rays. X-rays can help rule out any other serious conditions and will assist us to develop the most effective recommendations of care that suit your particular problem.

You should allow 30-45 minutes for your fist visit with us.

Do I need x-rays?2019-08-07T01:57:34+10:00

X-Rays are a useful tool to allow Chiropractors to assess how longstanding your spinal problems are. Often spinal degeneration/arthritic changes can be clearly seen on x-ray as are obvious postural changes. X-rays allow Chiropractors to make sure there are no further or more serious conditions affecting you. They can make diagnosing your problem more comprehensive and accurate.

You will be assessed individually to ascertain whether you need x-rays. Usually if there is trauma associated with your problem then x-rays will be needed.

Your Chiropractor will refer you to our local radiologist who will bulk bill you for these x-rays using your Medicare card.

If you are pregnant or breast feeding, we will not x-ray you.

Will my adjustment hurt?2019-08-07T02:02:20+10:00

In most cases, chiropractic adjustments do not hurt. In fact, most people find that having an adjustment is very relaxing. People often express feeling wonderful and energised following an adjustment.

With some adjustments you may sometimes feel or hear a popping sound released from the spinal joint/s. This noise is simply caused by a gas that is released from the joint as the spinal joint movement is restored to its normal healthy position. Such as when you “pop” your finger joints and knuckles.

Some Chiropractors use a hand-held instrument called an Activator to adjust the spine. This is a very gentle low-force method of adjusting the spine. Others use pelvic blocks, used in a technique known as Sacro Occipital technique and Drop-Piece or Gonstead Method to re-align the spine.

Whatever the technique, Chiropractors use skill, not force or strength, to conduct and deliver a safe and effective adjustment in order to restore normal joint movement to your spine.

How often do I need to have my spine adjusted?2019-08-07T01:59:37+10:00

Spinal problems, often neglected since early childhood, may require ongoing supportive care for optimum spinal function and results. These long-standing problems are often associated with muscle weakness, soft tissue damage and degenerative changes to the spine.

Most patients find that regular chiropractic check-ups help keep them in great shape. Those who are active, have stressful jobs, have physical or sedentary jobs, or just want to function at their very best, find that regular adjustments are helpful in the maintenance of good health and well-being.

Some patients seek chiropractic care only when their ache or pain becomes unbearable. While this style of “crisis management” is usually more costly, as it requires frequent return visits to resolve the problem, it is also important in resolving the patients pain.

How long you decide to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you.

Can I claim for TAC or WorkCover?2019-08-07T01:33:01+10:00

Yes. We accept, treat, and manage all TAC and WorkCover claims. We will work directly with these services ensuring we are able to help you recover from your accident/injuries, and are able to return to work in an effective and timely manner.

An initial assessment will take place and your Chiropractor will prepare a report for TAC and WorkCover to support your claim and address your needs.

Is Chiropractic covered by Medicare?2019-08-07T01:33:29+10:00

Generally, chiropractic is not covered by Medicare. However, chiropractic is an allied health discipline covered by the Medicare Chronic Disease Management Program (formerly Enhanced Primary Care Plan). This is a government based initiative allowing patients with chronic pain to access health care, including up to 5 chiropractic visits per year. These visits can be claimed 100% back on Medicare. This requires a referral and assessment by your G.P.

Am I too old to have chiropractic care?2019-08-07T01:59:08+10:00

More and more people are consulting Chiropractors, especially in their later years. With growing concerns about our over-medication and the side-effects of combining various prescription drugs, chiropractic care is growing in popularity as it presents a natural and safe alternative to drugs and surgery.

It is becoming part of a management plan for the elderly to maintain movement and physical independence.

Restoring better spinal function can help improve mobility, vitality, endurance and appetite. Many patients report improvements with arthritic symptoms and other chronic ailments often associated with the ageing process.

The adjusting technique used by your Chiropractor will be modified for maximum comfort and results. As we get older and place greater value towards our health, the simplicity and effectiveness of chiropractic care becomes more obvious, therefore chiropractic becomes an integral part of health care for many senior patients.

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