On your first visit, we will sit down with you and discuss your immediate health concerns (usually the main reason you have contacted us for chiropractic care) as well as any past or long term health issues you may have experienced in your lifetime. This helps to paint a picture of your overall health. Following this we will run through a postural assessment and a series of Orthopaedic (universally used medical tests for assessing function) and Neurological Tests (which test how well your nerves are working by testing your muscle strength and reflexes). All of these tests are comfortable and pain free. This information helps us identify the cause of your problem.

Depending on the results of these tests we may need to refer you for spinal x-rays. X-rays can help rule out any other serious conditions and will assist us to develop the most effective recommendations of care that suit your particular problem.

You should allow 30-45 minutes for your fist visit with us.